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Petra Zlota , marketing manager, Brussels
WALLSTREET COACHING is an innovative and creative solutions company that delivers guaranteed bottom-line and top-line results via People, Technology, Innovation, Communication, Product/Service and Methodology.
Investment in people today will disrupt industries, economies and societies of tomorrow therefore we support, challenge, prepare and coach clients to make fundamental changes and take transformational steps to leverage their experience and fast track careers/businesses. If you’re an entrepreneur, recruiter, leader, CEO, executive, manager, etc - looking to build high performance teams, grow talent management, ready to maximize the impact and effectiveness of your potential and unlock a new opportunity - we help you get there.

Our Leadership Development, Recruitment, Sales and Communication Training and Coaching aimed at recruiters, talent acquisition consultants, hiring managers, leaders, sales and performance trainers can spiral you up allowing advancement far beyond mediocrity. At the most basic level we guarantee an improvement in the following:
I’ve used Valerie’s recommendations during my interview and she’s provided great advice on the job market in South Africa. As a graduate in Auditing, I found that the guidance provided had boosted my confidence and I was able to handle my interview with ease when I applied for my position as an audit assistant at Regucom and Kano Joint Venture."

Pamela Nondaba, Auditor
Reduction in attrition rate
High caliber employees
Great leadership within the organization
Increased revenue/sales
Decreased operating expenses and inventory

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