WomenaireSociety is a networking and leadership development platform which is the non-profit arm of WallStreet Coaching. This group focuses on global concerns and offers women tools for empowerment in their personal lives, business, careers, relationships, health and financial issues via networking opportunities, mentoring, and support structures.

WomenaireSociety aims to create a new generation of women by offering a platform that supports and empowers. Our networking events and mentor-ship program helps to build ultimate confidence, to boldly defy male leadership role models and to act without seeking permission via our coaching fellowship program called “Powering up a new Generation of Women”. #PNGW Fellowship program


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The non-profit arm of WallStreet Coaching “Powering up a new Generation of Women” #PNGW Fellowship program

By powering a new generation of women we will be helping to power up the global economy. With the arrival of the Third billion, global, social & economic growth will rise but entrepreneurs, female leaders, executives, professionals, etc face enormous challenges in climbing the corporate ladder, running and growing a startup while finding a balance and creating wealth. An effective way to overcome these challenges lies in finding motivated and compatible mentors who can provide you the critical skills, knowledge and motivation that you need.

Our pro-bono mentoring program called “Powering up a new Generation of Women” will work across the globe by offering 50 pro-bono coaching places to emerging female leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs. Women know about the great benefits of coaching and mentoring but there aren’t enough women at senior levels to act as female role models and to mentor and encourage women coming through the ranks and to some women coaching isn’t a luxury most can afford.

This will be achieved via a pro-bono mentoring fellowship program provided only twice a year called “Powering up a new Generation of Women” (#PNGW Fellowship program) to 50 women across the globe twice. These women will receive professional coaching via tele conference, skype/ phone and email support over a 4 month period.

PNGW Fellowship program is not free. We ask participants to donate $199 as a fee for the entire program to show your commitment. This donation goes towards sustaining this program and this serves to pay it forward in continuing to support and grow other women in the future
Requirements to qualify for this program:

  • A good internet connection with access to skype
  • Prepared to invest an 1 and a half in yourself per week
  • Women strongly committed to overcome any challenge
  • A trend setter and innovator willing to step of the conventional path
  • Not afraid to share your scars and victories

We also support and jointly campaign with selected non-profit organizations that are making a significant difference to women and girls and who are involved in areas that are considered by the mainstream as challenging and unglamorous. Examples would be organizations that work to support women in the areas of human trafficking, acid attack victims, rape, and parents of disable children.

We are also open to forming an alliance and to jointly drive projects with women leaders from the corporate business world and women from developing countries to develop ideas, networking, leadership, narrow the digital gap, entrepreneurial, strategic and sustainability skills for women globally.



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Powering up a new Generation of Women
Coaching fellowship program by Valerie Naidoo

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